FIBC Bags (Bulk Bags)

FIBC stands forย Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container. FIBC Bulk Bags are also known as 1 ton bags, though they can hold more than 1 ton. FIBC’s are made for storing and transporting dry and flowable goods in bulk quantities. FIBC Bulk Bags are great for handling large quantities of materials. Use them to store and transport food products like rice, beans, sugar, nuts, etc. or other materials like compost, sand, debris, trash, or gravel.

Our FIBC Bulk Bags are made of woven polypropylene, which makes them tough, lightweight, and flexible. Our new FIBC Bulk Bags have a 3000 lb. weight capacity.

We carry No Print FIBC bags in stock, ready for delivery or pick up at great prices.ย 


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